Top Tips For A Winning Lottery Strategy

We would all love to win that lottery jackpot. Just think of all of the things that you would love to do with that substantial amount of money. Of course we all know that the likelihood of actually winning it is low, but there are fun things that we can do to help increase our chances, and add to the enjoyment of taking part.

Play the Probabilities:

Since the lottery started there are some numbers that have come out more times than others. Some people use this information as part of their strategy when selecting the numbers for their tickets. Whether you purchase your tickets online at places like, at your local corner shop or have someone else in charge of a syndicate do it for you how we pick our numbers is important to us and we all have different methods. Taking note of how likely we think a number is to come out is one method that we can choose. There are readily available records of all the numbers that have ever been drawn on the lottery and how often. There are also several strategies available based on this data. Find one that suits you and stick to it.

Join a Syndicate:

This is a good way of increasing your chances of winning. You just need to be able to accept that if you do then the money will be shared. It is quite obvious that the more numbers you have in the draw the more likely you are to gain. You can often find syndicates at places of work, or if there is not one why not consider starting one? Just be sure that any rules are set straight off, and that people are aware of what happens when they miss paying into the syndicate and you happen to win. Running a syndicate is a lot of responsibility, so if you do consider it, make sure that you are willing to put the work in.

Know the Numbers to Avoid:

If you follow the trends there are certain numbers which should be avoided. It is the case that six consecutive numbers have never been drawn so don't select consecutive numbers. It is also unwise to choose numbers selected by previous big lottery winners. The chances of them coming up a second time are not even worth considering. Selecting numbers from one lottery grouping, such as all in the twenties or all in the thirties will also limit your chances. Something else to avoid doing is selecting numbers that thousands upon thousands of other people also select. If you did win with these numbers then you would have to split the proceeds with so many people it just would not be worth it! Combinations like 1,2,3,4,5,6 and sets with all the same last digit e.g. 04,14,24,34,44, etc. are all popular and unlikely to win.

Regardless of how you pick your lottery numbers it is worth remembering that it should be seen as a bit of fun and enjoyment. If you win a few extra pounds in the process so much the better!