Poker is a term that refers to types of card games. There are different versions of poker that are played in a more or less similar manner. In Poker, the game play is similar in the sense that in all the different versions of the game, the objective is achieving a certain combination of cards. Poker is a common game in casinos worldwide; some of the best poker players in the world have been able to make big money from the game since the rewards from betting and winning a game of poker can be very high.

Online poker is the computer version of the different variants of the game where gamblers around the world can indulge each other through an internet connection. This has been made possible by the emergence of online casinos, which are websites that host computer versions of certain popular casino games where gamblers can log on through the web browsers on their computers and take part in their favorite casino games. Placing a bet and claiming cash on online casinos is done through different electronic money transfer services.