Joker poker – the game we always love to play

Joker poker is the perfect slot game for poker lovers, who wish to take a refreshing break from their poker session. It is one of those undying games, that everyone always loved and always will, simply because it’s fun, simple, and works the same way as poker does.

Players are dealt with a 5 card hand and they have to discard and exchange cards, as they see fit, to make out the bet poker hand available. You can exchange all five cards, or keep as many as you like.

The prize will vary according to the strength of your hand, after the exchange. The wild card, as derived from the title, is the joker, which can substitute any other card, and as always the one most sought after.

Even if the winnings in Joker poker will not pay out as much as a regular poker hand might, you can always play with the double down feature, letting you the chance to double your winnings by betting all or half of it, in case you draw a card with a higher value than the one the computer has.

In this special double down feature, you will be presented with five cards, one of which will be facing up. You will then need to choose another card from the four facing down.

As it goes with poker, a royal flush will win you the maximum payout; however you will need to bet the maximum in order to actually win the maximum amount. You will be paid out according to the pay-table, which you can always check out at the game’s main screen.

All in all, Joker poker is all about simplicity, and fun. Obviously, it’s more of a slot than real poker, but is loyal to the “poker spirit” and can offer you some nice rewards along the way.